Slider Wurupong 2

Slider Wurupong 2

We support educational projects in the rural area of Lake Volta. For that we cooperate with the German-Ghanaian couple Fordjor, which has long been active in the village Wurupong. The main objective is to increase the level of education.

PP2 005The Speech-and Prize-Giving-Day was introduced a few years ago. The best students and teachers will be awarded with books and prizes. This concepts follows the model of better equipped schools in Ghana to increase the appreciation of education.

We also organise capacity building for teachers to help them refresh or learn teaching methods. Ghanaian professors of teacher training colleges teach for example how teachers can improve reading and spelling skills or build craft materials for the kindergarten classroom.

The project is already a success: When the Fordjors started in 2009, no student passed the entrance exam for the Secondary High School (BECE). Now up to 100 percent of the students who write the exams pass. This makes Wurupong the most succesful village of the entire district.

PreparationsRoger Klutsey, DA SchoolEleanor Asabea-Mintouh, MenteeKindergarten Bigbook