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Since 2003 Ghana has a health insurance that covers basic medical needs. Despite some shortcomings, the system works. Poorer people can insure for just a few euros a year. But the system is not properly advertised, many distrust government institutions and so less people than possible are insured.

Since 2013, we try to raise awareness that it is better to have health insurance than having to scrape together their savings in medical emergencies or in the worst case even die from diseases.

In order to convince people of the benefits of health insurance, we work in several steps:

1. Advertising for health insurance on posters and personal tours in the communities. On these tours we collect names and dates of the residents. We use the data to help them to register for a health insurance card.Krankenversicherungsregistrierung_klein

2. Thanks to a cooperation with the National Health Insurance Scheme we get special registration dates for groups. This makes things easier for the bureaucracy and saves people waiting time. During our first registration we still paid the full annual fee for 200 children. Since confidence has grown in us now, we only pay half of the fee. In the upcoming years we plan only organise the transportation and registration dates.

As part of our Community Development Project we plan to employ nurses who give health classes, for example on hygiene, child health and the prevention of teenage pregnancies.