School Project in Wurupong

Our aim is provide as many families and children as possible access to health insurance. We also provide financial support in medical emergencies. .

Vorstandsmitglied Munirah mit Buchpreisgewinnerinnen

The Projects

Our most important project is the annual Speech-and Prize-Giving-Day. The best students and teachers receive books and other prizes.

The concept has long been used in better-equipped schools in Ghana to increase the appreciation of education. In rural areas, however, the schools cannot usually cope with it. The German-Ghanian couple Ingrid and Kwadjoe Fordjor had set it up before our cooperation. We have been supporting them since 2013, and in 2017 we expanded the event to include a reading competition.

We have been organizing training courses for teachers from Wurupong and the surrounding villages since 2015. There they can refresh and expand their teaching methods. Ghanaian lecturers train the teachers in the region in, among other things, better teaching of mathematics and reading and writing.

In special preparatory courses, we also prepare the students in the final years for their exams.

We support the best graduates of each year with scholarships, without which it would otherwise not be possible for them to study.

The success of the projects can be measured: When the Fordjors started their commitment in 2009, no student passed the entrance exam for secondary school. In the meantime, up to 100 percent of the students who take the exams pass them.

Our Partners

The German-Ghanian couple Ingrid and Kwadjoe Fordjor have been working with the Nkonyaman Foundation for our educational projects since 2013. Both have extensive experience in the field of education. As a doctor of education, it would be important to Kwadjoe Fordjor to improve the educational situation in his home village. Since his death, Ingrid has continued the projects.

She is assisted by Samuel Fordjor. A distant relative, he grew up in the village and had taken on increasing responsibilities even before Kwadjoe’s death. He is currently studying to become a teacher in Winneba, and we are supporting him with a scholarship. He would then like to return to Wurupong as a teacher, which will further improve cooperation in the future.

In Wurupong itself we work with the School Management Council. A voluntary institution by residents and teachers of the village. They are permanently on site and therefore know best which measures are most important.