Slider KinderSponsorship – yes or no?

Sponsorships are a very important instrument of development cooperation. However, just as much as they help to solve problems, they can cause new ones.

A small example

Enthusiastically we handed out the first ROG sponsorship to a boy in Anyiniatiase on Lake Bosumtwi. We paid the school fees of Ataa for a whole year and and our first sponsorship had arrived successfully. A few days later we were confronted with an unprecedented quantity of secondary problems that we had unleashed through the help of an individual. Neighbors and other villagers demanded from us the same support. For our young organisations too much to handle.

Social injustice

Our fight against social injustice produced  unconsciously new injustice. Who decides who can benefit from a sponsorhip and who cannot?

We work with project sponsorships!

The project sponsorship provides a much better approach. Unlike the personal sponsorship it supports an entire community or a large group of people. Advantage: your support minimizes new social injustice and focuses on projects for the community.

Your advantages with a ROG project sponsorship

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1. You support a ROG project of your choice

2. You follow your project over a longer period of time

3. You can always visit and get to know your project

Our project sponsorships

Community Development Project

School Project Wurupong

Health Education

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