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The people of Ghana’s underserved communities face many difficulties: The gutters are regularly choked with garbage, an optimal breeding ground for dangerous pathogens, teenage pregnancies are common, school grades are bad and chances for higher education are scarce.

This hits children and young people the hardest. But they are also the chance to improve the situation in the long run. The Community Development Project therefore tries to increase the educational opportunities of children and young people and to convince them to do something for themselves and their community.

Theater kleinWe do this in several sub-projects:

1. Academic achievement of students shall be improved through evening classes. In the same time early school leavers can get access to basic education.

2. Drama classes increase self-confidence and creativity. We let the youth improvise scenes from everyday life and discuss with them whether this was the appropriate behaviour.

3. In sports classes we do not only enhance physical health and self-esteem but also values such as discipline and teamwork.

4. We recruit youth volunteers from the community to assist us in our work. This facilitates the work of our Ghanaian chairman Marcus and creates an atmosphere of self-responsibility.

5. Teachers, nurses and police officers will teach capacity building classes for young parents to improve the education of their children.Computerunterricht_klein